chasing lights

EP Release on Sept. 26th

Chasing_lights artwork and CD

the story behind

The lights keeping us alive are GONE. We’re constantly on an ENDLESS ROAD seeking to hold them back. Years later, a small beam shines on the horizon, but yet it’s still so FAR AWAY. The light is getting closer, but to grab it THE BRIDGE of fears has first to be crossed. The battle lasts for so long with victories and defeats until the ultimate BREAKTHROUGH is achieved.

about Alitsh

Alitsh is a bassist, a guitarist and a composer developing his solo project. He has been a member of several bands and performed more than 40 live concerts in different countries.

He describes his genre as a rich mix of rock, metal, ambient and electro music where he roams freely to finally deliver us his deep and sincere emotions.

Alitsh starts his solo journey with an instrumental EP called “Chasing Lights” in which 5 instrumental tracks drive us through despair, anger, nostalgia, perseverance and victory.

Portrait Alitsh color lights

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